Bombing Range - Four boars from 148 to167 pounds - Three Sows from 120 to 137 pounds - Missy Gene Rick Trayton Dane Ty Ryan Nate Twig Molly and Greg  


Not pictured - Kendra Celena Amanda Mr. Ziggy and Mrs. Debbie





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Eugene -- Dog -- Rock -- Last hunt of General Gun Season  -- Rock winded off the box





Bombing Range -- Greg and Gene





River Ranch -- Greg, Eugene, Ryan, and Matt





River Ranch -- Nathan and Gene








Cotton -- Working cows





Cotton in front and Tag going around -- HOW TIGHT DO YOU WANT THEM?





Tag in front and Cotton going around -- Where do you want them?





Cotton on left and Tag on right -- After a hard days work










Greg's 4 point





River Ranch





River Ranch -- Special hog hunt





Greg and Nate



Ryan and Eugene





Puppies in training -- Fox Pen





Bombing Range -- Molly Lauren Tristin and Nathan





Bombing Range





Bombing Range -- Tristin with a rabbit he shot





River Ranch -- Greg with a spike





River Ranch -- This is the deer that was running with the spike -- Greg shot the tail off this deer with his rifle -- Now there is a deer running around without his flag!





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Nate and Greg





River Ranch -- Greg with a nice 4 pt





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Lauren took this boar with a knife





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Molly Clay and Nate





Bombing Range -- Gene with a nice boar hog





Bombing Range





15th Annual -- Uncle Earl's Bay Dog Competition





Uncle Earl's -- Winnfield, LA





Bobbie & Sibyl -- First Hog -- Three and a half months old





Tristen Greg & Anthony -- two - 8' -- one - 7'








Greg Jim Nate and Anthony








Nathan -- His first doe -- Taken Doe Week with a rifle





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Nathan's First Buck at 15 years old -- 6 pt. -- Taken in front of the hounds





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Nate





Hog -- 2 1/2" teeth -- 196 Lbs





Bombing Range -- Greg, Anthony, Nate -- Boar 140 LBS





Greg and Nate -- Dogs -- Floyd and Zeb




    Bombing Range -- Greg Missy Molly Nate -- Boar 140 LBS.





Pepper -- Ready for action





River Ranch -- Spanky -- a puppy -- Mercy -- Catch Dog





Bombing Range -- Anthony and his 3 hogs, Greg and Nate





Molly -- gator 6' 10"





Bombing Range





Bombing Range





Bombing Range