Leroy baying a hog at 4 months old in our back yard





Rufus Leroy and Bert's dog Buckshot





Leroy's first hog he found by himself at 6 months old -- Greg, Bert and Eugene





Leroy's first hog at six months old!





Bert, Greg and Gene





Bert, Eugene, a friend and Greg





Dove hunt -- Molly, Nathan, Greg and Missy





Dove Hunt -- Aj and Marta





Dove Hunt -- Greg and Aj





Dove Hunt -- Greg, Molly, Nathan and Missy





Cleaning the Dove -- Greg and Danny and Kenny





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Greg





Bombing Range -- Greg's 9 Point, and Jim





Avon Park Bombing Range -- 2 hogs caught





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Gene and Greg





Bombing Range





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Greg





Eugene and Greg





Molly with her dog Zeb -- First Place in the Puppy Bay





Eugene and Greg





Leroy, Sheba and Beatrice baying a hog





Mavis -- baying a hog as a puppy 6 months old





CAUGHT HOG -- bay dogs -- Tippie, Beatrice, Zeb and Leroy -- catch dog -- Buster





Ivan -- baying a hog as a puppy -- 5 months old





Nathan -- with his dog Ivan and a FIRST place trophy in the puppy bay -- Dad -- Greg -- took second place with Garnet





Leroy and Garnet





Ivan and Leroy





Leroy and Ivan -- Father and Son -- GETTING THE JOB DONE!





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Greg





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Bert, Gene and Greg





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Bert and Eugene





one of our caught hogs!





Avon park Bombing Range -- Bert, Missy, Greg, Jim, Eugene and Justin a friend of Eugene's -- 2 hogs for the day








Morrison Ranch





Morrison Ranch





Billie -- Zeb's Sister





Zeb -- Looking at a Hog





Leroy and Tippie





Jim beside the BIG hog





Greg and Jim with a BIG Hog!





Greg standing be side the BIG HOG



498 POUNDS!!



Raising him up out of the truck!
















Avon Park Bombing Range -- Eugene, David, John, Matt, Troy, and friends





Avon Park Bombing range -- Bert and Eugene's trophy hog





Another picture of Bert and Eugene's Hog