Bombing range





Barr hog










Daniel, Kenny and Gene





Rick and Kenny





Greg with his 7 point










River Ranch -- Daniel with his 1st hog taken with a knife





River Ranch -- Larry Z. and Danny with a hog they caught!





Kevin and Greg





Edger and Lucille





River Ranch -- Edger and Lucille baying





River Ranch -- Kenny -- Dogs -- Pearl Leroy Riley and Zeb





 River Ranch!





River Ranch hog





River Ranch -- Cotton -- Roading the dogs!





River Ranch -- Pearl





River Ranch -- James' dog Charlie





River Ranch -- Leroy





River Ranch -- Nate -- Turkey Hunting










Greg and Jackie



Kevin, Greg, James and John -- Greg looks funny...he is trying to blow a cigarette out of his mouth





Greg and his turkey





River Ranch -- Eugene's turkey





Ryan and Greg





Eugene and Ryan





Kevin, Christy and Gene





The HOG!





Gene, Greg and Ryan





Eugene and Ryan





Gene and Greg




Greg, Daniel and Kenny -- At Cone Ranch





Tristin and Anthony -- doe





Avon Park Bombing Range





Bombing Range -- Sow 248lbs





Greg with his 248 pound sow -- Record for the year -- Avon Park Bombing Range





Nathan, Greg, Anthony and Tristan -- 248 pound sow





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Gene and Kenny





Bombing Range





Bombing Range





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Kenny and Gene





Bombing Range -- Molly and Greg with a Barr





Molly and Nate with the same Barr





Mr. Ziggy and Nathan -- Listening to the deer dogs running





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Nate





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Eugene, Rick and Ryan





Avon Park Bombing Range -- Nate, Gene and Greg