Leroy as a puppy





Rufus and Leroy playing tug-a-war





Iris and Pearl










Pearl and her puppies!










Rufus and Lacey





Rufus and Billie










Leroy -- Halloween





Billie -- Zeb's sister





Garnet and Leroy





Bombing Range -- Nate



Nate and Molly -- Elvis Leroy and Ester





Leroy sleeping





Our dogs playing in the back yard!





Leroy -- Playing dress up with the kids!





Nathan and Ivan





Ester Garnet and Elvis













Barney and Penny's Boys -- Rock is on the right, and Fudge is on the left





Barney and Penny's Girls -- Cotton is on the right





Leroy and Pearl's Boys -- Amos, Charlie, Bo and Sam





Leroy and Pearl's Girls -- Hazel, Nikki, Baby





Bombing Range -- Sitting around camp -- Greg Missy and Nate



Hazel and Cotton -- about 4 months old





River Ranch -- Nate Cole and Molly



River Ranch -- Cole Nate Clay and Molly




River Ranch -- Molly and Clay





River Ranch -- Nate





River Ranch -- Rebecca Molly Justin and Nathan



River Ranch -- Nathan and Justin





Hazel -- at the fox pen





Leroy --  at the fox pen





Halloween -- Nate Leroy and Cole in the background





Greg and Leroy -- Christmas -- WHAT A HOG DOG!!





Leroy and Hazel's puppies